Gun Craft: Fine Guns and Gunmakers in the 21st Century

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Hardcover with dust jacket.
270 Pages.

Gun Craft examines today's artisanally made guns, as well as the craftsmen who make them. In it, the author takes the reader into the workshops and factories of the world's best gunmakers, making their sometimes-arcane craft skills accessible and relevant to anyone who shoots, owns or collects fine guns. Each chapter explores a separate topic; each has been chosen, however, to provide readers with a unified insight into the complicated task of making hand-made guns in both Europe and the United States.


Unless you are fortunate to have watched your collection of modern and expensive shotguns being handcrafted, Vic Venter's new book is the closest you will get to the pinnacle of gunmaking today. Featuring technical and historical details about leading gunmakers' products, what really makes this book stand out is the behind-the-scenes stories of the stockers, actioners, barrelmakers and engravers who dedicate their skills to the world's Best guns. Thoughtful, intelligent and beautifully written, this is a fascinating and impressive work. —The Shooting Times & Country Magazine

Those with even a passing interest in fine shotguns and sporting rifles will need to find a space for this book on their shelves. Vic Venters is an authority on fine guns, as this collection of articles from magazines including Shooting Gazette proves. Exhaustive research and in-depth interviews with the finest gunmakers from Europe, the UK and the US provides a true insight into the skills behind best guns. . . . —Shooting Gazettte

The author is a busy man. In fact Gun Craft (subtitled Fine Guns & Gunmakers in the 21st Century) is a look at a unique period of time in gunmaking which has seen traditional skills supplemented by new technology. Vic is one of America's most respected fine gun authorities, and this work is a collection of gunmaking columns written for Shooting Sportsman Magazine. —Fieldsports

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