The Light Fantastic: The Wildlife Art of David Langmead Collector’s Edition

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Hardcover, 168 Pages.
Collector’s Edition:
Linen hard-cover with dust jacket

As exhibited in this section of 150 paintings and in Langmead's absorbing and enlightening text, The Light Fantastic is a transcendental journey, a 20-year love affair between the artist and the beauty of the natural world. For those who have fallen under the spell of the unspoiled wilderness, and those who yet dream of new journeys, wether they be wildlife enthusiasts or travelers, this is a book to treasure.

The Light Fantastic invites you on a journey into the secret heart of the African bushveld and beyond. Traveler and artist David Langmead has returned time and again to his favorite wilderness areas in passionate pursuit of their sensual beauty.

Ever seeking the one painting that encapsulates the experience of place, Langmead has journeyed to the drylands of the Kalahari and the watery jewel of the Okavango. This book is filled with images of his journeys, some of them detailed and intimate, others vast and encompassing. Light remains the primary catalyst for the artwork and many of the paintings celebrate the transient glow of the African dawn of dusk.

This book also records his lifelong fascination with the watering points of the African veld, both in its waterholes and rivers. Langmead documents the animals and birds that frequent these waters, whilst celebrating the color and reflection that inevitably appeal to the artist.

With a talent that transcends the boundaries of Africa wildlife, Langmead explores the subtle beauty of the Florida wetlands with equal enthusiasm. His many visits to the Everglades have opened up a new array of painting possibilities and inspired a quest for the quintessential soul of these wetlands.

About the Author
Raised on a farm in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, David Langmead was still a child when he first started to dream of becoming a painter of wild animals. In the years to come, his long-held dream would turn into widespread recognition for his atmospheric landscapes.  Published by Sporting Classics and Native Visions Galleries, The Light Fantastic features 176 full-color images of wild animals, from the dusty plains of Africa to the lush, watery world of America’s Everglades.

“Soon after meeting David, I was impressed with his bush skills and familiarity with his wild surroundings,” says Ross Parker, owner of Native Visions Galleries. “His passion for the smells, sounds, flora and fauna—the colors of it all—was like no other artist I have met.”

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