Ultimate Survival: Wilderness, Terrorism, Surviving Extreme Situations: Land, Sea and Air


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Paperback. 256 pages

What to do when disaster strikes: in the outdoors, the city and in the home; how to survive on land, water and in the air, in any climate and in harsh terrain. This large and very detailed book offers practical advice, street know-how and step-by-step techniques for staying alive - with 1100 photographs and illustrations showing tactics, and 80 training projects for extreme life skills to use in emergencies.

It also deals with self-sufficiency in the wild: survival skills and bushcraft techniques, tools, equipment and medical emergencies. Also includes: coping when everyday situations become life-threatening: surviving as a hostage; self-protection and street skills; danger at home; the do's and don'ts of being a tourist. It offers expert advice to help you avoid hazardous situations, and respond positively to confrontation. This is the ultimate guide to survival. The tactics, skills and tricks of the trade taught in this professional survivors' manual could save your life. 

Written by experts, the first section covers bushcraft techniques for every climate and terrain: how to find food, water and shelter, navigate and make a fire. The second section helps you ensure personal safety when the everyday becomes life-threatening, including hostage situations, counter-terrorism, self-protection, road rage, fires and accidents. This manual will enhance your survival instinct, improve risk awareness and keep you alive.

With full-color photographs, illustrations and step-by-step sequences on an array of survival scenarios, this title is a practical manual for coping with crisis and danger in the wilderness and mastering the art of mental and physical survival.

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