Heyday of the Shotgun : The Art of the Gunmaker at the Turn of the Last Century

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Hardcover, 156 pages.
Dementions: 7.8" x 9.8”

As the nineteenth century drew to a close the skills of British gunmakers were reaching their pinnacle. The creation of an Empire and the Industrial Revolution had introduced new technology and invention at a pace never experienced before. Manufacturing expertise had been honed to perfection and the increased wealth of the gentry heralded a healthy market for sporting guns.

The lifestyle at the turn of the last century is now a piece of costume drama, it is as if we live on a different planet, but the skills of that era live on and British sporting guns are highly prized and admired for their precision and beauty. This book takes a look at the guns in common use during those few years and examines the shooting scene in general. It looks at the state of the art ‘Best' guns, manufactured for the affluent shots of the age and also covers the other aspects of country life, from poacher to gamekeeper - what was the type of weapon available to them? Cartridges and other equipment are discussed while extracts from magazines, a whole catalogue and a list of all the gunmakers in the British Isles give the reader a feel for the era.

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