Fly Fishing the Blue Ridge Parkway (North Carolina Section)

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Softcover, 307 Pages.

Trout Don’t Live In Ugly Places . . . They live in beautiful places, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway. For the first time, fly fishing savant Sam Johnson has captured in one guide an incredible “bucket list” of over 210 of the most serene and productive places to chase trout along the North Carolina Section of the Parkway. His boots on the ground and lines in the water experience, offer detailed descriptions and insight for each water shed. And with just enough of their history and lore to make those evening campfire sessions even more interesting.

Sam has taken the time to document (and many times to photograph) over 200 of his favorite creeks and streams in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Details include GPS fixes, effort to access, fishing quality, and species of fish that swim in the water. The book is organized in a way that is easy to navigate. It includes details about the Blue Ridge Parkway and many other items of history and lore. This guide to some of the best Parkway watersheds is an invaluable resource for any fly angler. Sams ability to organize and describe each watersheds key characteristics will help you find streams some only dream about.

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