Bringing Back the Lions

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Paperback, 239 pages.

International Hunters, Local Tribespeople, and the Miraculous Rescue of a Doomed Ecosystem in Mozambique

This book is the never-before-told story of the dream to set up camp in a vast African wasteland and return it to its former glory as one of the world’s premier wildlands.

Outdoor writer Mike Arnold takes us on an impressionistic journey through Coutada 11, a once again magnificent natural area in Mozambique’s Zambeze Delta. Mike leads us from its poached-out days as a source of bush meat for starving villagers and civil war military troops to the arrival in the early ‘90s of hunting outfitter Mark Haldane and his partners, on their often perilous, sometimes hilarious, travails to take the defiled and uninhabitable place and make it whole again.

Through Mike’s encounters with Haldane and his crew of scientists, guides, and motor-cycle-riding poacher patrols; with local villagers who were an integral part from the beginning; and, of course, with the apex predators, birds, and game animals that 30 years ago no one could have imagined thriving in this locale, this book serves as proof that a small group of dedicated people can make all the difference, and dreams can come true.

"The back story of my favorite piece of Africa...well told!"
—Craig Boddington, Renowned Hunter, Adventurer, and Author

"Masterfully crafted...if you care about the future of wildlife and habitat, you must read this book." 
—Joe Betar, Executive Direction, Houston Safari Club Foundation

"A wonderful mix of travelogue, adventure yarn, historical novel, and environmental uplifting tale of ecological and social restoration."
—Ian Sherman, Oxford University Press

About the Author
Mike Arnold has been a life-long hunter. The Hunter's Horn blew very early for him. From the age of five, Mike has spent months each year pursuing game animals-from quail and rabbits behind his parents' house to kudu and leopard in Africa, and Brocket deer in Mexico. Mike has more than 150 published articles, including feature pieces in Sports Afield, Hunter's Horn, Safari Magazine, and African Hunting Gazette. Mike also produced two TEDx presentations on the topic of conservation-through-trophy-hunting. Combined with his love of the outdoors, hunting, and conservation is his passion for science. Mike is a Distinguished Research Professor of Genetics at the University of Georgia. He has published hundreds of research articles and four books on topics including conservation biology. Publications such as Science Magazine, The New York Times, and National Public Radio continue calling Mike for interviews covering his research. Mike lives in Georgia with his wife Frances. Their cat abandoned them after 16 years, they have no plans to ever have a pet again.

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