The Greatest Deer Hunting Book Ever

There’s something about the deer-hunting experience, indefinable yet undeniable, which lends itself to the telling of exciting tales. The Greatest Deer Hunting Book Ever offers abundant examples of the manner in which the quest for whitetails extends beyond the field to the comfort of the fireside. It features 43 sagas ranging from exciting true-life hunts to wonderfully compelling works of fiction.

The book’s 465 pages showcase a stellar lineup of some of the greatest names in American sporting letters, including William Faulkner, Robert Ruark, Archibald Rutledge, Gene Hill, Jack O’Connor, Gordon MacQuarrie and many others.

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As you read their works, you’ll chuckle, feel a catch in your throat or a tear in your eye, and venture vicariously afield with hunters who know how to take readers to the setting of their story. On these pages, the deer season is always open and the sport’s joys endlessly unfold

The Greatest Deer Hunting Book Ever is available in a hardcover Collector’s Edition $40 and a Deluxe Edition $70 limited to 350 numbered copies bound in leather and with gilded endsheets. Editor Jim Casada has signed both editions.

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